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Amelia Ahles & David Teitge — Minted

Amelia Ahles


David Teitge

Amelia Ahles and David Teitge

Amelia and David will wed in a private ceremony on

Our Story

One evening after an exam, Amelia went to The Dixie Chicken with her friends Hannah and Ben. Little did she know that Ben had invited his new acquaintance David, whom he had met at graduate school orientation. Amelia was suspicious of this new person at first, but as the night went on the two became more interested in each other (or so David thought). Towards the end of the night, Hannah remarked to David that he and Amelia were “getting along.” David informed Hannah that Amelia was currently trying to set him up with one of Amelia’s roommates (Amelia denies this saying she only wanted a friend for her roommate).

Despite her initial disinterest in a relationship, the two would grow closer over time. Ben continued to plan house parties and nights out that facilitated the nascent feelings. At a New Year’s Eve party at Ben’s house, the two would literally light fireworks together. David would also attend Amelia’s birthday dinner just a few days later.

It wasn’t until Amelia’s good friend Erika came to visit that Amelia was peer pressured into expressing her feelings. After Erika recounted some of Amelia’s embarrassing stories to David, Hannah, Faith, and Ben, the group all went out for drinks and karaoke and dancing. At the end of the night, Amelia and David decided to start dating. Their first proper date was to Paolo’s Italian Kitchen (now closed). The two much preferred to get take-out and watch a movie. It was more important that they spend time together than that they go out to do things.

That all became harder when David graduated and got a job in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. The two made it work, scheduling regular flights to see each other. In the Fall of 2021, the two would go to one of David’s friend’s weddings - the first of many weddings the couple would attend. Later that year, the couple would spend New Years Eve together in San Diego, California. That night they would say “I love you” for the first time.

The two continued to fly to see each other, often to attend weddings. They would attend 7 weddings together in approximately one year (with more to come). The two would talk about their future and how they didn’t want a big wedding. The two joked of eloping to Europe and telling everyone about their marriage when they returned. It all became more real when David proposed to Amelia in his living room on their two-year anniversary of dating.

The two will be married that same day, February 12th, surrounded by close family.